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R&D Status

  • Along with the development of consignment products, we have invested over 10% of our sales in R&D, focusing on the development of next-generation, high-performance, top-quality products.
  • Development of differentiated products for proprietary brands
Results & Progress of R&D
  • Developed high-performance products that facilitate regeneration of skin & hair based on plant stem cells (callus)
  • Developed baby skincare products using peptides that alleviate atopic symptoms
  • Developed a scalp line aesthetic & a dermatology specialty product line
  • Developed medical-grade acne care products
  • Developed a body care product for atopic skin
  • Developed a functional brightening product using kojic acid peptide derivatives

Patent Status

  • A formulation and production method for antioxidant herbal cosmetic for skin and scalp protection
  • An anti-inflammatory & moisturizing cosmetic formulation containing gamma-linoleic acid
  • An herbal cosmetic formulation containing persimmon leaves, licorice, and morus bark with antioxidant & soothing effects
  • A brightening formulation containing kojic acid derivatives combined with peptides as active ingredients

Joint Research

  • Developed materials with specific efficacy & stability through peptide synthesis technology and evaluations of brightening efficacy & mechanism research; Developed a high-performance skin brightening product based on this
  • Developed antioxidant & functional materials and researched formulations based on this

New technologies and new products under R&D

  • Over 150 functional skincare products of different formulations, including 3 functional skincare products
  • Currently developing high-performance cosmetics containing human stem cell culture medium, plant stem cells, EGF (epithelial cell growth factor), & a variety of peptides
  • Currently developing sunscreens products with water proof as well as with high SPF and PA ratings
  • Currently researching natural extract effective in treating atopic skin conditions
  • Emulsified skin brightening ampoule stick (dual-functional stick)