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Welcome to NATUZEN

Natuzen is a leading provider of product added value and
differentiation with a team of professional researchers on par with those
of major incumbents in the domestic and overseas cosmetics industry.

  • About us

    Natuzen is an OEM and ODM company for cosmetics products that drives the global market towards a sustainable future.

  • History

    We are making strides to be a multinational corporation that caters to customers' needs through relentless technology innovation and quality improvement.

  • Business

    We provide various optimal services for the business activites of international companies based on unrivaled proprietary technology and outstanding quality assurance.


  • About Natuzen Lab

    △Select good ingredients △ Dermal stability △Focusing on the texture and sensatory experience of skincare formulations, we are committed to developing new textures and forging ahead toward a cutting-edge biotechnology R&D cosmetics lab specializing in peptides and stem cell cosmetics.

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    About Natuzen Lab
  • About Natuzen Technology

    We evaluate and research the mechanism of peptide synthesis technology and cell-based skin brightening effects based on cells. A mission of ours is to develop cosmetics materials that ensure target-specific efficacy and stability, while researching optimal formulations of high-performance skin brightening skincare products.

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    About Natuzen Technology
  • Quality Assurance System

    We establish a quality assurance system that constantly achieves an ISO certification and meets the Cosmetic Good Manufacturing Practice (CGMP) regulations, aligned with our rigorous quality assurance criteria in the entire supply chain from purchase, manufacture to packaging to ensure high-quality cosmetics products.

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    Quality Assurance System
  • Patents & Certifications

    Our industry-academia R&D collaboration ranges from dermal clinical evaluations to the testing and certification of functional cosmetics. This has led to major milestones, acquiring patents centered on ingredients produced in-house and approvals for functional cosmetics.

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    Patents & Certifications


  • "Natuzen offers a filming location for the TV drama My Horrible Boss"

    "Natuzen offers a filming location for the TV drama My Horrible Boss

    Natuzen offers a filming location for the JTBC TV drama My Horrible Boss, airing on Fridays and Saturdays!!!  Tune in to see what's coming up."

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  • Updated approval details for hair loss products
    Updated approval details for hair loss products

    탈모방지제 허가사항 변경

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  • "Natuzen", a pillar of inclusive growth, above and beyond customer satisfaction

    고객만족을 넘어 동반 성장의 초석 “나투젠”

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  • Natuzen rolls out a revamped website
    Natuzen rolls out a revamped website

    나투젠 홈페이지 리뉴얼 오픈

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Natuzen is a company poised to cater to customers' needs with top-quality cosmetics through relentless technology innovation, and we are committed to supporting your business.
47B/8L, 289, Namdongdong-ro, Namdong-gu, Incheon, Republic of Korea (Nonhyun-dong 436-7)
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