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Natuzen is a leading provider of product added value and differentiation with a team of professional researchers on par with those of incumbents in the domestic and overseas cosmetics industry.

With technological partnerships with an array of biotech venture companies and college research centers, we are researching and developing top-quality products, new formulations, and new raw materials to give our corporate partners a competitive edge. We also boast a network of experts at home and abroad strive to fully engage in the international market and diversify customers’ sales channels.

Natuzen has an impeccable production system capable of producing both small quantities and mass-produced products with a monthly production capacity of approximately two million units, including skincare, functional cosmetics, body and hair products, quasi-drugs and next-generation products, that can be adjusted flexibly to cater to customers' needs.

Natuzen checks all the boxes required to meet a wide spectrum of strict requirements, befitting to become a major player in the OEM and ODM industry in the 21st century.

CEO of Natuzen Inc.Young Gi Son